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A Day in the Temple

Temple opening and closing time: 4-00 Am to 10-00 PM

Time of the Rituals Name of the Rituals
4.00 A.M Every morning the sanctum is cleaned up and the morning Abhisheka is solemnized.
5.30 A.M The sanctum is opened for the devotees for Darshana
5.30 A.M The morning worship takes place. Only at that time the Udbhava Linga (the sprung-up phallus) and the Mollabimba (the original idol fixed to the pedestal and worshipped daily) are accessible to the devotees for Darshana.
10.30 A.M The midday Abhisheka takes place. That is followed by the ritual decoration of the idol consummating in the Mahapooja (midday worship)
12.30 P.M Mahapooja
7.30 P.M At seven the Pradosha Pooja (the worship at dusk) is performed. Then follows a series of rituals: Kukumarchana, Sahasranama, Durganamaskara, Hoovinapooja (flower worship), service by devotees and finally the Mahapooja.
8.30 P.M Nine Rangapooja (a worship characterized by the lighting of small oil lams arranged in rows) is solemnized.
10.00 P.M The shrine is closed for the day.


Thus the Temple is kept open for Devotees from six in the Morning to ten at night. After both the (mid-day and nightly) Mahapoojas meal is served. On special occasions like the festival, the autumnal Navaratri and on days of avowed services by devotees the Temple is kept open till about midnight.

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